A Farewell To Super Best Friends Play

This is a strange one for me. To be honest I wasn’t planning on posting anything lately what with work, Christmas and wedding planning but I this is on my mind a lot since the announcement and so I need a place to share these thoughts. Youtube channels or dramas I don’t focus on. Usually on my blog I talk about games I’m playing or I do reviews. I don’t tend to do news related posts but this one is important to me as in a way it helped define who I am and this blog.

The Super Best Friends, aka The Zaibatsu, aka Matt, Pat, Woolie and the previous member Liam have closed the door on their channel. Each member still has Twitch streams and their own Youtube channels but they’re no longer releasing videos on their channel as of today/yesterday. And that is a great tragedy. Their channel was the defining gaming channel for me. I usually watched 1 upload of theirs a day and have done so for 7 1/2 to 8 years. That’s essentially a quarter of my life I’ve been following these scrublords. I watch a lot of LP’s and I’ve visited many channels over the years but I’ve never found a channel that gels with me as well as the Super Best Friends Play.

Funny, informative and genuine is how I’d best describe their channel. A lot of channels, I find, fake a lot of their reactions or try too hard. They scream and believe comedy lies in over reactions on camera. The Zaibatsu, when they get hype over a game, it’s for real. If they hate a game they’re playing, you can feel that from them. Sure it means if they’re doing a LP of the game and half way through they start to despise it that you have the latter half of the LP still to go. But they then replace their hype or enjoyment with random tangents and generally just goofball-ishness. And when they love a game, you can feel it oozing out of the screen. These are people who love to play games and their channel is 2nd to that. When you load a video of theirs or a video ends they don’t start spouting ‘Hey guys, we’re back! Show your love for this channel by SMASHING that like button, hitting that little bell and follow us on Twitter at…..’, they barely acknowledge the viewer is there. It honestly feels like they pick a game they want to play and just ask each other round to watch and chill. It’s a relaxed style that I wish I could find more of.

Another point I want to bring up is how much they care for their fanbase. I honestly recommend going to the subreddit: Here. The subscribers have gone through the 5 steps of grief and are now in the acceptance phase. Now they’re posting terrible photoshop’s, sharing memories and intertwining channel lore with present feelings. It’s a sight to see. I’ve never really been a part of a discontinuation of something I’ve loved before. Sure shows have ended that I wish hadn’t but nothing on this scale. I would go on that subreddit nearly every day. I would watch at least one of their episodes every day and I would listen to their podcasts almost every week. To be with that for nearly 8 years and for it to suddenly be up in the air and the future of what of something you love to be unknown, it’s not easy. I’m going on like this is a breakup or a divorce, I’m aware of that. Even as I type this up I’m aware of how ridiculous it sounds but there is a void now where something comforting once was. It’s not fully gone but the remnant’s aren’t as filling. The fanbase loves the Super Best Friends and for good reason. Here’s an example of what makes the SBF’s Super.

Years ago, when Liam was a part of the team, they would have mailbag episodes. If you’re unsure of what that is, they would open letters and parcels from fans. One particular parcel contained a purple Gameboy Colour. Woolie had previously told the story of how his purple Gameboy Colour was stolen from him in school. Obviously by that point the Gameboy Colour was a decade or 2 old but you could tell how touched Woolie was about that. After only a few episodes, they had to shutdown the mailbag segments and close the mailbox they had set up to receive mail as they were receiving too much and things of too high value. I believe they received 2 copies of the limited edition Gurren Lagaan boxset, an anime which they all loved. These box sets cost A LOT as far as I know. They clearly loved the box sets but you could tell they felt wrong accepting them. I don’t think they realised the overwhelming support they had.  Shortly after they cancelled the mailbag episodes and explained their reasons. That to me is a sign of great people. Some people would LOVE to get a bunch of stuff for free continuously. And the fans wanted them to have the gifts too. But, they chose to stop it, because they wanted the fans to keep their money.  It really made me respect them when they did that. I loved watching them receive stuff because they would receive lots of strange items that were inside jokes with the fanbase, like a big rubber fist that they got sent. But, their decision to put an end to it really punched home that these were great people who were doing the channel because they love playing games and sharing that experience with their viewers.

You may be wondering what this blog post hopes to achieve and the answer is nothing really. I’m sad they’ve disbanded but I’m glad they’ve done it. Rather than letting it drag on and for their channel to become a husk of what it was they chose to be upfront and not to meander about it. I do think it is the best decision, based on what they’re revealed. Why am I making a blog post about them though? Gaming wise, they’re important to me and I’m essentially using this as a diary entry. A lot of franchises or games I like, I acquired a taste for through osmosis with these guys. I owe them a lot and I can’t give them much except my appreciation and so I guess this is what this is. Just a post of me giving a brief overview of the SBF’s, why I’ll miss them and a place for me to capture these current thoughts.

As I’ve mentioned, they have solo projects that I’ll be able to watch and Woolie and Pat are starting a new podcast so I’ll eagerly wait and see what that is like. But for now, I invite you to check out their stuff. You may have watched them in the past and didn’t know about their shutdown or you may have never heard of them. Their channel is going to have no future uploads but they have hundreds, upon hundreds of video content on their channel. If you want a gaming channel with no frills, no shills and just friends having a laugh playing games, you can’t go wrong with them. Their channel is Here, if you don’t know where to start then maybe try one of the compilations. A fan favourite LP was of the game Omikron, a bad game by the channels ‘nemesis’ David Cage: Omikron.

I wish all the best to Matt, Pat, Woolie and Liam and I look forward to their own projects. Now that they have total control over what they do, I’m sure their own stuff will be full of laughs and hype. I’ll miss the banter but as long as they enjoy what they’re doing, I’ll keep watching. Thank you for reading my whinge. I know this probably looks weird to other people but I want a post of this memory. It’ll be nice to look back on in a few years. Now, I’m going to end with a bunch of random uploads from other users of the subreddit. During the first couple of hours I was sad at the news but I did get a good laugh out of some of these posts. The community is still going strong and they have signs of slowing down. For a more brief reason for why I loved their content, check out My November Free Time blog post. Ironic that last month I recommended them and this month they’re shutting down. Talk about timing. Nevertheless, thanks for reading and feel free to share your views on them or thoughts in the comments.

The reason why I play Yakuza games is because of these scrubs.

Creator of Deadly Premonition. He was a fan of the guys and attributes a lot of the success of his games to their channel. 

As you can see, The Simpsons is a huge part of the SBFP channel and I don’t recall a playthrough without a quote or reference.

November 2018 Free Time: Games/Series/Anime

With October out of the way you would think the scary month would be gone. But no! I’m getting married in January and so even though with each passing month my excitement grows, so does my anxiety and stress levels. Most of this month was spent with wedding details but I still managed to cram in hours of games and a few films. So, let’s begin with the games!



After months and months, possibly even a year of on and off sessions, I’ve completed Divinity: Original Sin on PS4. I’ll probably do a review at some point so I won’t get too much in depth here. I’ve just started the sequel too so I’m excited to see how it compares. One thing I will say though. I don’t recall playing a game that actually implemented different skill and class aspects as well as this. What I mean by that is, you get quests and you get class specific skills and spells. A lot of the time, the quests are designed so openly that there is a wide range of ways to complete your task. To a fault possibly! A lot of the time I would be doing a quest and I’ll teleport a thing to a place which would then let me progress in the quest. But I would later find a lever or get a key of a dying character that would have opened up the same progression as my teleport trick. Occasionally I would straight up think I broke the game or that I’ve completely gone off the quest path but sure enough I would end up completing the quest by sheer bumbling. The game is a parent on their phone at the park! It gives you the tools such as a bucket and spade and tells you to go and play. Now and again it’ll look up and say you should try doing this or that but for the most part what you achieve with what you’ve got is all depending on your imagination. It’s an interesting game and I’ll do a review in the future if you’re after more details.

Enter The Gungeon

Another game that I’ve had for ages and been on and off with is Enter The Gungeon. The past few days I’ve given it a proper go. I’ve been craving a rogue-lite game lately similar to The Binding Of Isaac and this fits the bill. For those that don’t know what the gameplay is like, it’s essentially a dungeon crawler with bullet hell mechanics. You kill enemies, get currency, find upgrades, kill the floor boss and progress to the next level. It’s randomised each time and certain progression carries over to the following runs. What I love about the game is it fully embraces the gun aesthetic! There are tons of guns to use each with wacky functions or homages to guns of different medias. The enemies are all gun themed, these include walking bullets with guns that fire bullets, bosses like the Gorgun which is essentially Medusa with Uzi’s. Even the loading screen is a revolver loading animation. The game is pretty challenging too! You really need to explore and gather new weapons otherwise the later floors are going to be a real challenge. There’s a huge game here but I love the fact that the game is simple to play though. It doesn’t tell you much about the Gungeon itself, you have to wade through that and find its secrets on your own but the controls are very basic. It’s a simple to pick up but hard to master game and it’s perfect for those quick play sessions that we all need sometimes.


I have to stop buying this game. We all have one. The games we keep buying on different systems. And Shadow Of The Colossus is one of those games for me. So far I’ve bought this on PS2, PS3 and PS4. And each time I fall in love with it again. This is one of my all time favourite games. The whole thing is a giant experience. The scale, the awe, the amazing and perfect soundtrack. Shadow of the Colossus is essentially a bunch of boss battles but each one is distinctive and memorable. Even the weakest colossi I remember more than most final boss fights in other games. I can’t praise the game enough. I think it’s unique, I love the near barren world and the little details you’re left to figure out yourself. The fact that each boss is basically a puzzle you have to solve and as you progress through the puzzle the music changes along with you. Just a masterclass in gaming in my opinion. I can’t wait to buy it again! And again! And again!



I haven’t finished any series in November but I’m still going to mention a few of them. Especially this one since it has 9 seasons and I’m just flitting in and out of it so I’ve no idea when I’ll finish it but The Office (US). My partner loves this show and I’ve not really been that bothered to watch it. I think because I found the UK version really cringey. I know that was the point but I wanted to gouge my eyes out while watching it. So I was pleasantly surprised to see the US version is more comedy than awkwardness. It’s a great show to watch if you want something light while having your tea or in the background. Sometimes, that’s all you need.


A strange one I’m currently watching is Barry starring Bill Hader. I’m only 3 episodes in but so far I’m really enjoying it. It has that Dexter show dark humour about it which I’m a sucker for. Barry follows Barry who is a hit man that gets wrapped up in a job in Los Angeles. Circumstances happen which means Barry has to hang around the area which may not be a bad thing for him. During his hit he has to blend in with a local acting group and suddenly Barry feels something he wasn’t expecting. Has Barry found his true meaning in life on the stage? Again, if you liked Dexter I think you’ll like this. It has similar beats.  Barry lacks a lot of emotions but is an expert at killing. He has a code and believes in killing people who deserve it. And he has to have a fake face which he finds very difficult to achieve. The show has a good grasp on when to be dark and when to be funny. Make no mistake, there is quite a lot of grim violence but it all adds layers to Barry and why he is the way he is. So far, it’s a very interesting show and I’m definitely going to finish it. It also features Henry Winkler AKA one of the best character from Arrested Development so that might twist your arm.



I’m way behind but I’m closing the gap fast on Attack On Titan. I watched the first season when it came out years ago and I’ve just finished season 2 this week. It’s still a great anime. Got a bit slow at parts and a few characters got a bit too much screen time for my liking as I didn’t really care for their characters but I understand that it was building to something and I completely get it now. The Titans will never not disturb me and even though I got fewer answers than I would have liked, especially how the first season ended, I still appreciate that the plot has progressed and new revelations have come about. There are so many questions raised in this season alone though but I’m eager to watch season 3 and eventually find out some answers. Season 2: Highly Recommend

Jojo Part 5

One of my favourite animes is back, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Part 5: Golden Wind! I’ve been eagerly awaiting this since I finished part 4. I needed my Jojo fix and actually read all the parts in their coloured manga form. So even though I’ve read this entire part, I’m still super excited to watch each episode and to see some of my favourite bits come to life on the screen. And come to life it does, it looks fantastic! So bright and colourful! You’ve got to love the Gang Stars too. All the crew are great and their voices perfectly match what they sounded like in my head. Some people put Golden Wind down and I can understand a lot of their complaints. I’m excited for Golden Wind mainly because it gets me closer to the later parts being released in anime form but that’s not to say part 5 is bad. I personally find the main character and his Stand power to be pretty bland in comparison to the other main characters and powers of other parts. Still, part 5 has some of the best Stand battles, the wackiest Stand abilities and I honestly do love the team. Narancia is a highlight for me and I can’t wait to see some of the future fights. Golden Wind: I’ll always recommend Jojo!

Random Recommendation

Super Best Friends

I’ve been following these guys on Youtube for…..I don’t even want to know how long I’ve wasted my time on these scrubs but the Super Best Friends Play are my favourite Youtuber’s and streamers. Matt, Pat, Woolie and the previous member Liam have some of the best gaming content out there. They love their games and if you ever check out their videos where they play series they love or anything with mechas fighting, you can tell how hype they get. They also host a podcast each week which I really recommend checking out. One thing I will say if you try them out, is if you don’t like them straightaway, try to stick them out a bit. The Super Best Friends don’t make it easy on their channel and I love and hate that aspect. There is a lot of inside jokes and references, stuff that I’d get after years of watching them but to newcomers it is just ramblings. Nevertheless though, if you just want a channel that will play through a game and will give their honest opinion of it, they’re perfect. They don’t ham fist it, they don’t scream at the top of their lungs, they don’t shill their content and they very rarely use cameras. It’s just a pure gaming channel. If you interested in trying one of their playthrough’s I highly recommend Beyond: Two Souls or Omikron. They have a massive hate for David Cage games, besides Detroit Being Human. Mostly because they see the potential in his games but they love when the story goes down the toilet or when his twists don’t make sense. It’s a great laugh.  If you’re a lover of fighting games, I also highly recommend their channel. Each Friday night they play a fighting game, both great or terrible games. I also recommend their Subreddit if you  are willing to try them. You will hardly find a better community and fanbase than the TwoBestFriendsPlay Subreddit.

Thank you for reading this post and feel free to comment your views or suggestions for me to try.