Will Nintendo Yield Before Bowsette?

As some of you may be aware, Bowsette is something of a thing right now. If you have no clue what Bowsette is then carry on with your day and forget I mentioned it. Run to the hills and don’t look back. I’d imagine most of you reading this know what Bowsette is. It’s kind of hard not to if you follow the gaming scene. You don’t even need to visit those……other scenes……. to have Bowsette up in your face or many other places. This attention is unusual and especially for family friendly Nintendo, they may not be happy about this characters popularity.

As you’re probably aware, Nintendo revealed a character specific new item in an upcoming Mario game which when grabbed by Toadette, transforms her into a Princess Peach doppelganger. A user on Twitter, the now internet infamous @ayyk92, posted a comic a few days after showing what would happen to Bowser if he used it.


And that’s it! That one comic panel set off a trend that is still going and not only has it provided *unique* images of Bowser as a woman or Bowsette as she has become known, but also now Boo, Chain Chomp and a myriad of other Nintendo characters. My personal favourite is the Waluigi one.

Waluigi Crown

It’s pretty funny to see unravel. I find it so surreal what takes off on the internet and becomes the IN meme/joke/discussion/topic. Even the creator of the comic is astonished by what he has wrought.

Which, brings me to Nintendo. Nintendo has an image to keep pure and their own creation has brought down an avalanche of not so family friendly images. Obviously this happens with anything created, that’s what Rule 34 is but usually not something on this magnitude and not so early before the products release.

The fact that it’s Nintendo is the question. Before Overwatch released there were certain visual aids for individuals and soon after the games release the popular Pornhub.com released a graph showing a massive 800% percentage increase in Overwatch themed searches on their site.

Blizzard, the company behind Overwatch, even tried to get specific sites taken down with DMCA’s directed at specific individuals of that field. And this is Blizzard. Diablo, Overwatch, Starcraft creators. So, not a company known for their family centric content.

Whether or not Nintendo decides to act on this is what I’m curious about. This has gone big, even overseas. Lots of famous manga artists like the creator of One Punch Man have chucked online their portrayal of this fictitious beauty.

Will Nintendo tweak the item or flat out remove it from the game? Or will they accept that once something is on the internet, that is it, and just carry on and act as though they haven’t helped awaken something that has been dormant since the very first Super Mario Bros. Not fleshed out but 33 years ago a character called Bowser was created. It only took a third of a century for it to reach a new potential.

Bowser Porn