A bit about me, Fitzy

Hi, whoever is reading this. So I’ve finally decided to try my hand at blogging. I’ve been umming and ahhing about it for a while now but I feel I am in a position now where I can try this. I am more determined to give it a go than I ever was in the past. Do I feel that my opinion means a lot or more than yourself reading this? No, not at all. Everyone is entitled to their view on any given matter and a difference in opinion keeps things interesting. Imagine a world where we all agreed on everything.  How boring it would be. Films and games would keep churning out the same sequels over and over because why change or invest money into something new that people won’t like. McDonald’s would have 1 burger choice. And we all know which one that would be, don’t lie to yourself, you know the Quarter pounder is champion.

Anyway, I lost my focus there. They say write about what you know and are passionate about and so here we are. I’ve always enjoyed writing, stories usually but games are something that flows more easily for me. I can talk for hours about games and if this platform gets the creative juices flowing (eww) then I’ll be a happy man.

So I hope you enjoy whatever I post in the future.

All the best,