Video Game Rant: An Annoying Issue I Have With The Pro Switch Controller

I’m a bit late on the complaint train on this one since the controller in question came out over a year ago, but I’ve really noticed the lack of this feature recently. It’s a simple feature, one that when Apple ignored it, gained a lot of notoriety. I’m talking about a headphone jack.

Where can I plug this into?!

I know the system itself has a headphone jack but the Switch is a handheld system and console. It should support the same features in both modes. I play 90% in docked mode and for most games it hasn’t been an issue. Then I bought Thumper.

Thumper is kind of like Guitar Hero in that you can’t really control your character. You have prompts and you hit them at the correct time to advance in the game. It has a very trippy, foreboding feel to it which adds to its simplistic but intense gameplay. This feel is amplified by its music.

Or it would if I could use my headphones on the controller! It’s not a catastrophe but the visuals and sounds in Thumper help to excel the game. They are as integral to this kind of game as Mario’s jump is in Mario games. I want that droning and dread filled music in my eyes so that I can be fully immersed.


Side note: I really like this game. It’s very unique

My choice of gaming is lazily lounging on the couch looking at the TV. Not with a handheld. I can appreciate the Switch for its versatility in that regard but if I’m at home I prefer the big screen. The PS4 controller has a headphone jack and so does the Xbox One controller. I don’t understand the lack of it in the Switch Pro controller.

When the controller costs the most, I expect it to be at least on par with its competition. £65 I paid at launch for it which is £20 more than I did for my PS4 controller at launch. Not only should it be there for preference sake, but also for the individual lifestyles we all have.

I work odd hour shifts and sometimes I have to work nights. So, when my partner is sleeping and I have to stay up as late as possible for my following night shift, I like to play video games to stay awake. That requires me to use headphones. By not including a headphone jack I can’t play Switch games at night without risking waking my partner. So, I don’t play them.

I know Nintendo’s marketing shows people on the go with the Switch but they need to understand that that isn’t everyone. A headphone jack is a basic component that doesn’t add much cost to a product. It’s a daft decision and one that I hope they rectify in the future or on their next console.

Anyway, moan over. If you feel similar about the Switch Pro controller or have any other niggling annoyances feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for reading.


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