End Of The Month Gaming Quiz: September 2018- Nintendo

Thought I’d try something a bit different here. I enjoy testing my knowledge so I thought I’d test yours. Below are some questions with the central theme of Nintendo. The answers are invisible so all you need to do is highlight the space below the questions. And remember! Nobody likes a cheater. The only person you cheat is yourself. Best of luck.

  1. Where does Link live at the beginning of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time?
    Answer: Kakariko Village
  2. Nintendo was founded in 1889, what were they producing at the time?
    Answer: Playing cards, specifically Hanafuda/
  3. Which cute and pink character has the ability to inhale his enemies and gain their power?
    Answer: Kirby/
  4. Who was the damsel in distress in the original Donkey Kong and is now the mayor of New Donk City?
    Answer: Pauline/
  5. During development, what was the name for the Nintendo Gamecube?
    Answer: Dolphin/
  6. In Star Fox 64 or Lylat Wars as it was known in the UK, who was an original member of Star Fox team and betrayer of James McCloud?
    Answer: Pigma Dengar/
  7. Who is the rival to Captain Falcon and the driver of the Fire Stingray in the F-Zero series?
    Answer: Samurai Goroh/
  8. Which villain took the spotlight from Bowser in the Mario + Luigi series?
    Answer: Fawful/
  9. This main character’s catchphrase was ‘Shake Shake’, but which game did she star in?
    Answer: Mischief Makers/
  10. The creator of Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto has an unusual hobby. When he has free time he likes to look at objects in his vicinity and try to accurately measure them. What does he tend to carry in his pockets for this very task?
    Answer: A tape measure/

I hope you had fun doing that. Let me know how you got on in the comments. And if it was too easy for you let me know and I will try and stump you next time. Thanks for reading!

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