Tips or Trivia- The Thing: Cameo Voice


The Thing was a 1982 horror film by famous director, John Carpenter. The film is considered a horror classic and boasts a fantastic cast, setting and plot. Starring Kurt Russell, a group of Antarctic researchers are beset upon by a shape shifting alien. This alien can become any living thing and therefore who can be trusted? What follows is a game of guess who as our characters are stuck in their isolated Antarctic base with a sly, killing machine.

the thing

With the success of the film, it wasn’t long before game developers decided to make The Thing into a video game. They were so eager, they waited a full 20 years to make it. Putting it alongside Reservoir Dogs and Scarface as a ‘Huh, there’s a game of that?’. Although The Thing the video game isn’t a perfect game, I had fun when I rented it. It had some novel ideas too. In the film, the only way to tell if a person or animal was The Thing (I keep forgetting to capitalise The Thing), was to take a blood sample from the individual, and apply searing heat to it. The Thing was a living organism and it would do anything to survive. That’s why when heat is administered, the blood will activate fight or flight mode from its attacker.  This idea was implemented into the game, with an item that was a blood test kit.

The game developers, Computer Artworks, tried so hard to get the feel of the film into their game, that they even brought the director John Carpenter aboard to help. John Carpenter, an acid video game fan was happy to join the team and help put his vision into the game. He enjoyed the experience so much, that he even gave permission to use his likeness for the character, Dr. Shaun Faraday. The director even voiced the character himself.


Although John Carpenter voiced the character, he was not listed in the actors credits. Instead, a special thank you message can be seen, thanking the legendary director for his input.

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